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Republic of Gabon has been elected, with the overwhelming support of other Member Nations of the UN General Assembly, to serve as a Non-Permanent Member of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) for the term 2022-2023.

Intershipping Services LLC is elated to see the Republic of Gabon rise to occupy this coveted and honoured position in the UNSC under the Presidency of H.E Mr. Ali Bongo Ondimba and we wish and pray to the Almighty that H.E continues to use his exalted leadership to take the Republic of Gabon to even greater heights on world stage.

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Intershipping Services LLC is official representative for International Ship Registry of Gabonese Republic Worldwide

Transport maritime : Le Gabon va immatriculer ses navires à l’international

DIG/ Le ministre des Transports et de la Logistique, Justin Ndoundangoye, et le directeur de la société Comoros Shipping services, Hysham Shaikh, ont procédé, le 15 septembre 2018 au Radisson Blu de Libreville, à la signature de l’accord relatif à la mise en place et l’exploitation du registre international gabonais des navires.

Intershipping Services LLC acts as an International ships registry for Gabonese Republic

A Post Graduate with Majors in Marketing and Finance, Mr Hysham Shaikh is the Managing Director and Head of Marketing and Finance Department of Internshipping Services LLC - Ajman, and Union Marine Classication Services LLC, Dubai.

Intershipping Services LLC – Sole Representative of Gabon Flag Administration approved by Federal Transport Authority (FTA) – U.A.E. for Ship Registration Services

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